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Founded in 2013, Paneurasia Inc is a trading company which specializes in raw materials. From pulp to ferrous materials and livestock feed, Paneurasia trades in a wide range of products. We are also proud to be experts in waste recycling and management services.


What started out as a small venture has grown leaps and bounds, and now Paneurasia  Inc has offices in several global locations including our Head office in Toronto, Canada, Los Angles in California, Mexico City in Mexico, Shanghai in China, Baku in Azerbaijan.


Our strength lies in our unique approach towards customer care. We provide undivided attention to our partners and adapt to the conditions in which they operate.

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At Paneurasia Inc, our goal is to strike the perfect balance between the demand and supply needs of raw materials for our clients. We want to serve all our clients with the right deliverables within minimal-turn around time.


We make sure that the quality of materials never gets compromised even during the most challenging market situations. For us, client satisfaction and highest degree of services remain as our core objectives.

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With almost two decades of working with both private and public sector firms, we have gained extensive experience in handling the unique challenges of diversified industries.


Whether it is paper manufacturing, printing or metal industries, our in-depth experience has allowed us to meet their distinctive industry demands continuously. In fact, Paneurasia Inc helps many leading government sector manufacturing industries to acquire raw materials like sugar, grain, SonyBeans, DDGS (Distiller's dried grains with solubles), cooking and flower oil.


By taking our time to understand and analyze the individual requirements of each and every client, we are able to craft a customized approach in order to offer your company with the most adequate and high-quality raw materials. We make sure that we adhere to the country-specific guidelines and standards as well.

Waste Management

Paneurasia Inc is also renowned for its outstanding contribution to the waste and recycling sector. The clients benefiting from our waste consultancy services include waste producers, regulators, and investors. We incorporate the established waste hierarchy to encourage sustainable living and environmental protection.


Since we are connected to a global chain of reliable suppliers, you can expect Paneurasia  Inc to get you your desired raw material supplies at your preferred location and preferred time in the most hassle-free way. Get in touch with us now to benefit from our service offerings.

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