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At Paneurasia Inc, our goal is to strike the perfect balance between the demand and supply needs of raw materials for our clients. We want to serve all our clients with the right deliverable within minimal-turn around time.


We make sure that the quality of materials never gets compromised even during the most challenging market situations. For us, client satisfaction and highest degree of services remain as our core objectives.


Pulp &  Recovered Fibers


Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals


DDGS & Livestock Feeds


Wheat/Grain                       Coffee 

Sugar                                  Cooking Oil

Flower Oil                           Rice

Alfalfa                                 DDGS


Paneurasia Inc is also renowned for its outstanding contribution to the waste and recycling sector. The clients benefitting from our waste consultancy services include waste producers, regulators, and investors. We incorporate the established waste hierarchy to encourage sustainable living and environmental protection.


Since we are connected to a global chain of reliable suppliers, you can expect Paneurasia  Inc to get you your desired raw material supplies at your preferred location and preferred time in the most hassle-free way. Get in touch with us now to benefit from our service offerings.


By marketing pulp and paper our customers, Paneurasia sales sources the products from suppliers and sells it directly or via our own offices to customers in the various markets. 
Headquartered in Canada, the group’s sales organization Paneurasia Inc Sales markets and distributes a wide range of pulp and paper grades all around the world. 


  • The pulp grades include softwood and hardwood pulp (including eucalyptus), both bleached and unbleached chemical paper grade pulp, fluff pulp as well as mechanical pulp grades and specialty pulp grades. 

  • The paper grades range from coated and uncoated wood-free and wood containing paper, specialty papers (such as label paper, thermal paper, envelope paper, etc.) to publishing papers (newsprint).

  • Paperboard grades are containerboard and other packaging papers, boxboard and various specialty boards.

This broad range enables Paneurasia Inc to reach different market segments, offering customers a complete portfolio of products and services, which include logistics, financing and credit solutions. The sales managers of Paneurasia Inc  are experts in taking customers’ requirements seriously and strive to provide the best possible solution.

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